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We offer solution upgrade services that will help customers avail the latest SAP solutions, quickly, cost-effectively and with minimal risk. A timely upgrade can reap in multi-level benefits to your organization. For ex. If customers are running older versions of SAP R/3, it is the right time to upgrade to SAP R/3 Enterprise - or even to the power and flexibility of mySAP Business Suite. This also helps customers leverage the advantages of SAP NetWeaver, the comprehensive integration and application platform.

  • Evaluation - We will help customers evaluate your current situation and determine future needs.
  • Planning - Our team of consultants will work with customers to plan a smooth and effective upgrade. So customers can have tools and processes in place before the upgrade even begins.
  • Execution - Our team can help customers reduce costs and mitigate project risks by offering an upgrade coach. We also offer effective training options to help your users up and running quickly.
We have expertise in roll outs. We have done roll outs for various enterprises.
e have the ability to conceptualize and put together in an appropriate template for such Rollouts. We are equally adept at understanding and customizing an existing template of the customers for enabling the rollout.
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